Tax Returns and Financial Statements

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Colin Phillips, CPA Professional Corporation regularly monitors federal and provincial tax laws that may affect small or medium-sized businesses in Canada. The tax legislation in Canada is continually evolving so it is important to have experts who keep up to date with these changes.

Our multi-review system checks over 75 fields after the tax return has been completed to ensure all financial statements and corporate tax returns that are issued have 100% accuracy.


Our personal tax services are geared towards individuals who are owner/managers of a corporation or have extensive investments, self-employed income, rental property income, foreign or multi-jurisdictional reporting, and more.

Personal and corporate tax positions must be considered together to achieve the optimal tax position. This is why, if you engage an accountant to prepare your corporation’s tax return, it would be prudent to employ the same firm to produce your personal tax return, as well as that of your spouse and children.