Tax Planning Services Toronto

Toronto Accountants

Our firm can help with what could be referred to as advanced tax planning and procedures, such as rollovers, amalgamations, and wind-ups. We also have a method, not widely known, for passing real estate on to the next generation free from probate fees while retaining complete control of the property. We can also advise you on how to deduct depreciation on partnership rental income to create or increase a loss. You might have other situations that require some innovation; we love a challenge!

While we ensure our tax knowledge is current through extensive professional development, the extent of the tax act makes it difficult to be an expert in everything. We will act on your behalf to engage specialists with whom we have worked and have confidence in. We are able to make efficient use of specialists’ time while continuing to provide you with a single point of contact. Some instances where we will do this:

  • U.S. or other foreign tax return preparation;
  • Complex corporate reorganizations;
  • Tax matters that involve a legal aspect, such as shareholder disputes or the division of property during divorce;
  • Estate planning.